• These guys are phenomenal! They responded to my concerns quickly, succinctly, and most importantly, correctly.

    Fred S.
  • I was injured while a passenger on a cruise ship. Jeremiah worked hard on my case beginning to end. I was surprised how easy it was to get in touch with him. After about a year of fighting the cruise ship company, I received a large six-figure settlement.

  • My house was seriously damaged during a storm. After fighting the insurance company for several months, I hired The Johns Firm, LLC. Jeremiah filed a lawsuit against the insurance company and a few months later, my case settled for several hundred thousand dollars.

    Margaret L.
  • Tony is clearly one of the hardest working, meticulous, driven and expert representatives that one could have in the Lone Star State.

    Stan and Donna H.
  • The Johns Firm showed us how to maximize out recovery from a construction defect and insurance claim. We didn’t realize we had any right to recovery before they took on our case. Thanks to them, we were able to repair our home and walked away with a sizable amount in our pockets.

    Irene H.
  • My late father’s estate was terribly mismanaged by a trustee for nearly five years. I hired The Johns Firm to protect my interests. After several months of fighting, they settled my claims against the trustee for nearly $200,000.00. Thanks to The Johns Firm, I can now breathe a sigh of relief.

    Deb M.