Although private disability insurance policies are often costly, many people in a range of professions and occupations purchase them and pay premiums faithfully for peace of mind and income protection. When a covered individual becomes legitimately disabled by injury or illness, all too often the insurer finds a way to deny the claim — intentionally depriving that person of benefits he or she thought were guaranteed.

​Our disability insurance claim denial attorneys have the knowledge and skill to fight an unfair decision on your behalf. We encourage you to contact our firm for the legal help you need to:

  • ​Determine whether your claim denial is based on a legitimate reason, resulted from a mistake, or may constitute actionable insurance bad faith
  • Build a well-constructed case for payment of your disability insurance claim and, often, additional damages if we can demonstrate that insurance bad faith was a factor

A Record of Effective Representation for Disabled Professionals and Workers

Disability insurance claim denials are a key focus area for our attorneys, because the stakes are typically very high and violations of insurance bad faith law are unfortunately common. In fact, our track record includes obtaining one of the largest settlements ever for a dentist victimized by a wrongful disability insurance claim denial. We handle investigations and litigation involving:

  • ​“Own occupation” disability insurance — purchased to provide continued income if a person, typically a highly compensated professional, is disabled and cannot continue in the specific field of medicine, for example, or athletics
  • “Any occupation” disability insurance — applicable when the covered individual is injured or becomes ill and rendered unable to work any job