The Johns Law Firm has represented hundreds of individual and commerical policyholders in disputes with their insurance companies. As former defense attorneys, we utilize our knowledge of the insurance industry to provide a favorable edge to our clients.  We assist policyholders with the following insurance issues:

  • Denied Claims
  • Underpaid Claims
  • Delayed Claims
  • Fraud/RICO
  • Insurance Bad Faith
  • Third-Party Reimbursements

Maximizing Your Recovery

Our goal is to obtain the best possible result for our clients. We do not take a one size fits all approach to a case. Instead, we map out a strategy that fits your needs and objectives. Sometimes, the only dispute is over the value of the loss, in which case we engage experts to properly evaluate the loss and obtain fair compensation for you. These cases often settle without extensive litigation and without incurring substantial fees or costs.

Other cases are more complex. Sometimes the insurance company has denied your claim on the grounds that there is no coverage or that an exclusion applies. In other cases, the insurance company has acted in bad faith due to its refusal to handle, adjust, and settle your case in good faith. In these situations, litigation is almost always the only option that you have.

Our attorneys are experienced at handling all types of insurance cases, including complex matters involving multiple carriers and parties. If you are having problems with your insurance company, please contact us immediately. We want to provide you the help you need.