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The attorneys at the Johns Law Firm are happy to announce a big win for its clients in a wrongful death medical malpractice case. The case involved a tragic accident in which a woman died during a bone marrow biopsy procedure. The incident took place at an outpatient clinic in Shreveport, Louisiana.

The woman was suspected of having blood cancer are went to the clinic to undergo a bone marrow biopsy, which is a routine outpatient procedure that, if performed properly, has virtually no risk of death or serious bodily injury.

Tragically, an internal artery was cut during the procedure causing massive internal bleeding and resulting in the woman’s death. 

The firm represents the victim’s husband and daughter. 

In accordance with the Louisiana Medical Malpractice Act, a medical malpractice claim was filed against the physicians that performed the procedure as well as the clinic where the procedure was performed. A medical review panel was formed with three physicians who practice in Shreveport, Louisiana.

Jeremiah Johns and Nick Cenac took the depositions of the physicians named in the lawsuit and medical personnel who witnessed the incident. During the course of the case, thousands of pages of medical records were discovered, reviewed, and summarized to gain an understanding of how the physicians negligently killed their patient. 

Around 5% of cases are successful before a medical review panel in Louisiana. 

The defendant physicians claimed that they did not depart from the standard of care. It was their position that the patient was susceptible to bleeding because she was suspected of having multiple myeloma. However, the defendants were unable to present sufficiently credible expert evidence supporting their defenses. 

The medical review panel unanimously agreed that the physicians breached the standard of care owed to the patient causing her untimely death. A unanimous decision in the plaintiff’s favor at the panel stage of medical malpractice action is incredibly rare because, in part, it requires the physician appointed to the panel by the defendant to rule for the plaintiff. 

The Johns Law Firm represents the families and victims in medical negligence and wrongful death claims. We believe each client we represent deserves an attorney who will thoroughly prepare their case as if it will go to trial. 

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Jeremiah N. Johns is a trial attorney who represents clients in insurance, maritime, personal injury, and litigation matters. Raised on a family farm in Southeast Georgia, at an early age he gained an appreciation for hard work and ingenuity. These values form the bedrock of his practice.​ Jeremiah holds an LL.M. in Admiralty from Tulane Law School and a J.D. from Syracuse University, where he graduated with honors. He also graduated magna cum laude with bachelor degrees in political science and economics from Georgia State University.